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Do you work on automatic transmissions? 

No, apologies for being unable to help but we ceased dealing with any auto transmissions in 2007, due to the speed with which the technology was advancing and our increasing workload. 

How much will my job cost?

The price of each job depends on several factors:

When a customer calls or visits in person, they are asked about the above factors and can usually be given a quote, either on the spot or after we’ve called the parts suppliers. Quite often, we can't guarantee exactly what will be wrong inside the gearbox until it’s been taken apart. We will inform the customer of this, give them the best ballpark figure possible and leave them to decide whether or not to bring it to us for inspection.

We do ask that customers be prepared for unexpected problems when we open up their unit. Sometimes noises or other indications of problems go unnoticed, therefore we are unaware of these before we start the physical side of diagnosis.

How long will my job take?

This also depends on certain factors:

We aim to give an estimate of this also, before the customer commits to bringing the job to us. However, we can’t always account for circumstances beyond our control, i.e. components being more difficult than usual to take apart, or new parts taking an unusually long period of time to reach us. We do, however, aim to keep the customer as well-informed as possible throughout.

Do you remove and refit gearboxes and diffs?

No. We do not undertake this part of the job ourselves, or have any involvement in arranging it. Customers are required to arrange the removal and refitting of the unit themselves, get it to us either in person, via their own courier, or using our courier, and then it will be returned back to them by the most convenient method. We only work on the loose units.  

How can I get my gearbox or diff to you if I live far away?

Some customers choose to have their gearbox or diff removed at a garage local to them and then drive it to us themselves. However, this can be both costly and time-consuming. So, others opt to have theirs collected by a courier that we use regularly. The customer is required to attach the item securely to a pallet and then we book the collection with the courier, who bring it from the customer to us and back again when the job is finished. A quote for this service can also be provided on enquiry.

What do I do about payment if I live far away?

We are happy for customers to pay by bank transfer. Also, we are happy to process the payment through our card machine and then post the receipt (usually along with the invoice) to the customer.

What if I want modifications making to my gearbox or diff?

We aim to accommodate all customers, whatever their requirements. Options can be discussed over the phone or via email until a mutually agreeable end product idea is reached. We do aim to give all customers exactly what they want, but occasionally someone will have an idea in their mind that isn’t physically achievable. In this case, we will offer them the closest alternatives available and help them come up with something that will work for them.

The cost for this can and will be discussed throughout and will be affected by the cost of parts and the amount of labour and technical skill required. However, no charge is added for the time taken to discuss options with customers. Only physical work and items are chargeable.

Do you supply parts only?

Not any more, no. Due to the inevitable discussions about how to fit the parts once we've supplied them and potential issues regarding warranty responsibility, we no longer supply internal transmission parts. We do still offer some external parts depending on the vehicle, but the variances are too great to list. Please get in touch if more info is required. 

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