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Hopefully this notice finds all of our customers safe & well 😊

We'd like to inform you all that we are cautiously re-opening on Monday 1st June 2020 after some of the restrictions have been lifted for Covid-19 🦠

However, due to the ongoing risk of infection, there are going to be some changes to the way we conduct business for the foreseeable future - as follows. This is for the protection of both staff & customers, so please pay attention & adhere to these measures ⚠️

▪️ We ask that our customers show some patience & understanding where communication, deadlines & turnaround times are concerned. Paige is not going to be back at work straight away. We are unable to work at a safe distance from each other due to the layout of the building, so Neil will be working alone until further notice. Please make allowances for this - he may be good, but he still only has one pair of hands 😉

▪️ Unless completely unavoidable, we ask that customers make contact to arrange a time to visit the premises & DON'T just show up unannounced. There isn't much space in the reception for customers to avoid coming into contact with each other if more than one party arrives at once. So please do your best to arrange drop-offs & collections with Neil in advance, to make sure he has everything possible in place. There will be hand sanitiser readily available on the counter & any heavy lifting will be done solely by one party wherever physically possible - by Neil, the customer, a courier, etc. If you arrive when there is already someone in the reception, you will be asked to kindly wait outside until that person has left. Also, please don't be offended that cups of coffee & long chats will no longer be on offer, for now 🚫

▪️ We are no longer offering the option to test drive your vehicles for diagnostic purposes. We are also no longer offering the option to drop off & collect your vehicle from our trusted garage to facilitate the removal & refit of your gearbox. We will only be accepting loose units either through contact-free drop-off or via courier 📦

▪️ If possible, we would prefer payment to be made via bank transfer. We can provide you with our account details & the total due ahead of your collection time to ensure there is no delay. A copy of your invoice can be emailed to you, or if you insist on a paper copy, one will be printed & placed in an envelope ahead of your arrival. If you do need to use our card machine, Neil will wear gloves to protect himself while you complete the transaction & you will be welcome to use the hand sanitiser both before & after touching the card machine if you do not have gloves of your own. If you absolutely have to pay with cash, we ask that you place the correct amount into an envelope ahead of your trip to us 💻💷

Please remember that these measures are to protect staff & customers alike. We all have family at home & people we want to protect. None of us are enjoying the current situation, but we all have the ability to contribute to changing it. If you have any questions regarding our procedures, please feel free to ask 😊

Stay alert ⚠️ Be careful  Stay safe 

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